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Rancher Online Meetup - April 2016 

Ready to become a container guru?

More and more organizations are migrating production workloads to containers. In our April meetup, we’ll be looking at a handful of best practices for running your apps successfully using Docker and Rancher.  We’ll discuss how to leverage web hooks to scale up and redeploy your environments, how to manage secrets, how to deploy a dashboard for capacity management, and how to keep your fancy new cluster looking  shiny and new.

In this meetup we’ll be discussing and demonstrating:

  • Setting up git push deployments with webhooks
  • Managing secrets with Rancher’s Vault integration
  • Configuring a dashboard to monitor Rancher
  • Using Janitor to clean up orphaned images and volumes

We’ll also be joined by Brandon Papworth, who will share how he and the team at app design studio Dom & Tom, migrated their apps to Docker and Rancher.

As always, we’ll be demonstrating all of this live, while we answer any and all questions you may have about Docker, Rancher, Swarm, Kubernetes, Vault, and anything else container related.


Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM (US Eastern US Time)



In this meetup we'll be demonstrating how to deploy a dashboard to manage your infrastructure and hosts. 

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