Getting Started with Windows Containers in Rancher

Rancher Online Meetup - January 2017

Deploying .NET applications and Microsoft SQL

With the release of Windows 2016 earlier this year, Docker containers for Windows became a reality. In our January meetup, we’ll be demonstrating Rancher 1.3, a new release that includes experimental support for Windows environments.  During the meetup we’ll discuss how to build Windows containers, how to use Docker compose in Windows environments, and dive into how networking, persistent storage, service discovery and other key concepts are implemented for Windows containers.

In this meetup, we will demonstrate:

  • Deploying Windows Containers with Rancher
  • Designing a .NET and Microsoft SQL application
  • Using Rancher for Windows with VMware
  • Windows Container Networking models
  • Using existing load balancers to manage containers

As always, we’ll be demonstrating everything live, while we answer any questions you may have about Rancher, Windows Containers, Kubernetes, Docker and anything else container related.


Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM (US Eastern Time)