Kubernetes Master Class:

True Hybrid Cloud for Kubernetes with Rancher and HPE

With HPE Principal Technical Marketing Engineer Michael Mattsson and Rancher Director of Community Adrian Goins

Advanced Online Training | February 18, 2020



Michael Mattsson

Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

HPE Twitter | Linkedin

Michael Mattsson is a Principal Technical Marketing Engineer with nearly two decades in storage carrying various roles ranging from operation, integration and performance in small startups and large Enterprises. At HPE he's covering container integration, automation platforms and DevOps for HPE Nimble Storage with strong focus on application modernization, CI/CD, IT transformation, hybrid cloud and KaaS/CaaS.


Adrian Goins 

Director of Community

Rancher Labs

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One of the benefits of Kubernetes is the ability to run your applications everywhere in a simple manner. The conversation changes drastically when persistent storage is deployed with the application and the deployment becomes sticky as data has gravity.

In this session, HPE Principal Technical Marketing Engineer and Rancher Director of Community Adrian Goins will cover some of the data management capabilities needed to address hybrid cloud use cases for Kubernetes. This includes hybrid cloud CI/CD pipelines, workload transitions and improving business outcomes by making data available where needed across clouds.


  • HPE and Rancher partnership integration
  • Defining True Hybrid Cloud for Kubernetes
  • Persistent Storage in a Multi-Cluster Hybrid Cloud setting
  • Use Cases for Advanced Data Services
  • Demonstration of a workload transition between private and public cloud using native Kubernetes tooling


  • Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020
  • Time: 1:00pm (US Eastern Time)