Building a Scalable CI Platform for Containers

August 2015 Online Meetup

Learn how Docker, Drone and Rancher power our CI process.

Docker is an ideal tool for accelerating continuous integration and delivery.  By packaging code into containers, build and testing times are reduced, and consistency throughout the testing and deployment cycle are improved. In this month’s online meetup, we’ll take you behind the scenes and show you how our development team has deployed and scaled Drone.io at Rancher using DockerHub and Docker Compose to manage our own elastic CI/CD process.

We will discuss:
• General Benefits of Docker for CI/CD
• Why we decided to use Drone
• How we deployed Drone with Docker Compose and Rancher
• How we automate deployment of testing environments with Rancher
• Native Docker management and how Rancher reads Docker events

Over the course of the presentation, Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams will be joined by Rancher engineers Bill Maxwell and Craig Jellick to discuss how they built and deployed this platform, and to answer any and all questions you have.

We’ll also have Brad Rydzewski, the founder of Drone.io, joining us to provide an overview of the opensource Drone CI project and a look at upcoming features. 

Date: Thursday August 13, 2015
Time: 1:00 PM (Eastern US Time)


During the session, we'll be demonstrating our Drone environment and hearing from Drone creator Brad Rydzewski.

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