Kubernetes Master Class:

Automating Cluster Lifecycle Events with Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Migrations

with Stratfirm Founder Jesse White

Online Training Date: TBD



Jesse White







Jesse is a published author, speaker, and experienced engineering leader who's focused on building and running deeply impactful strategic transformations, high energy startup engineering teams, enterprise-focused incubators, accelerators, and innovation labs that build technology in the cloud, container, and DevOps space. His focus is building reliability, safety, and systems thinking into massive scalability. A 15 year veteran and technology leader, previously a core maintainer of the Docker engine codebase, Founder of DockerNYC, co-organizer of the official Cloud Native NYC Meetup, and an active participant in the open source community, you can find Jesse giving talks and workshops at meetups around the city and events such as DockerCon, VelocityConf, and private industry events.



Running Kubernetes clusters is a full time job that requires high degrees of automation, instrumentation, and configuration.
In this master class, you'll learn how to set up automation for the key pieces of Kubernetes cluster backup, recovery, and migration that you'll need in order to provide high availability to your customers. We'll dig into the core components of the Kubernetes control plane, how to back up stateful data within your data plan, and investigate how organizations are migrating between clusters to test upgrades, failover, and application resiliency.

For this class, we will discuss and demo:

  • How to manage, backup, and recover a highly available Kubernetes control plane
  • How to migrate configuration between clusters in order to test, upgrade, and practice failover
  • How to set up automation to take care of business as usual (BAU) maintenance tasks
    Options for managing stateful data on your cluster

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