Rancher Beta Program Registration

Join the Rancher Beta Program!

Recently we announced that Rancher, our open source Docker infrastructure and management platform was now in beta.  Anyone is welcome to download and run the latest Rancher beta release from GitHub, however, we are also running a more formal beta program for organizations interested in working with us to provide feedback and help improve Rancher.

Beta participants will work closely with the Rancher team, providing feedback on product design, critical issues, and suggestions for feature enhancements.  In exchange for providing this feedback, beta program participants will receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Implementation and configuration support for Rancher.
  • Access to Rancher's engineering team for troubleshooting and bug fixes throughout the beta.
  • Road map discussions with Rancher's product management team.
  • Online training for employees on using Docker and Rancher.

There is no cost to participate in the Beta program, and as soon as you register you'll begin receiving information about joining trainings, and meeting others in the program