Online Meetup with Prisma by Palo Alto Networks
Thursday 16 July 2020 10h00 - 11h00 CEST


Sheldon Lo-A-Njoe
Field Engineer

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Ramon De Roer
Ramon De Boer
Prisma Cloud Security Engineer


About the Meetup

Join us and find out how Enterprises that are using Rancher to manage and deploy applications on Kubernetes can use Prisma Cloud to provide complete security and compliance for their environments.  


The key topics that will be covered  include:

  • Simplified, multi-cluster deployment and management with Rancher 
  • Security-related features in Rancher, including: Centralised RBAC, CIS Scanning, Certificate Rotation and quick zero-downtime Kubernetes Upgrades 
  • Designing and implementing an enterprise security strategy for Kubernetes and cloud-native platforms; 
  • Runtime security and compliance requirements for Kubernetes and cloud-native platforms

About Prisma Cloud

Prisma Cloud enables users to enjoy security from development to production with vulnerability detection, understanding, and prevention at every stage of the application lifecycle and also easily implement and maintain compliance for Docker, Kubernetes and Linux CIS Benchmarks as well as external compliance regimes and custom requirements.  


Prisma Cloud also enables users to integrate security directly into the continuous integration (CI) process to find and fix problems before they ever make it into production and protect their environments at scale with machine learning that automatically creates least-privileged, whitelist-based runtime models for every version of every application.