Online Meetup with Tigera
Tuesday 6 October 2020 10h00 - 11h00 CEST


Sheldon Lo-A-Njoe
Field Engineer

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Philippe Bogaerts
Solutions Architect 

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About the Meetup

Join us and find out how Enterprises that are using Rancher to manage and deploy Kubernetes clusters can use Tigera to provide Zero Trust network security and compliance controls to those clusters.


The key topics that will be covered include:

  • Manage Network Security Policy across multiple kubernetes clusters with Calico Enterprise

  • Visualise multi cluster and multi cloud network traffic 

  • Suggested Policies implement firewall policies in kubernetes and provide compliance to organisational and regulatory standards.

  • Control traffic flows going outside your clusters and ease integration to traditional firewalls.

  • Centralise and simplify network control, security and compliance reporting


About Tigera

Tigera provides Zero Trust network security and continuous compliance for Kubernetes platforms. Calico Enterprise extends enterprise security and compliance controls to Kubernetes environments with support for on-premises, multi-cloud, and legacy environments.