Getting Started with Longhorn Distributed Block Storage and Cloud-Native Distributed SQL

Kubernetes Master Class | April 22, 2020



Sid Choudury

VP, Product




Matthew Scheer

Marketing Manager


Many engineers are getting excited about the potential of combining distributed storage and distributed SQL databases on top of Kubernetes infrastructure.

Why? Distributed SQL delivers global data distribution and high performance, and when combined with distributed storage enables truly multi-cloud deployments with very fast node recovery times.

In this Kubernetes Master Class, Sid Choudhury - VP Product at YugabyteDB, will walk you through the necessary steps to deploy a completely cloud native infrastructure stack. The stack will consist of Google Kubernetes Engine, Rancher enterprise Kubernetes management tooling, Longhorn distributed block storage and a YugabyteDB distributed SQL database.

Class Agenda

  • Why Distributed SQL?
  • The Benefits Distributed SQL and Kubernetes
  • The Benefits Distributed SQL and Distributed Storage
  • Setting up the Google Compute and Google Kubernetes Engine environments
  • Installing Rancher 2.4
  • Installing and Configuring Longhorn 0.8.0
  • Installing and Configuring YugabyteDB 2.1.2
  • Multi-cloud and Fail-over Scenarios


Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Time: 4:00 PM US Eastern Time