Hands-on with Rancher 2.3:

The Enterprise Cluster Command Center

Wednesday October 16, 2019  | Online Meetup


Adrian Goins
Senior Solutions Engineer
Bill Maxwell
Technical Product Manager
Mike Kostersitz-1
Mike Kostersitz
Principle Program Manager
Microsoft Corporation





Kubernetes enables a common compute platform across any infrastructure and a consistent set of infrastructure capabilities including improved reliability, enhanced security and increased operational efficiencies. But as organizations adopt Kubernetes, clusters are often deployed with limited access to shared tooling and services, inconsistent security policies and no centralized cluster operations.

Rancher 2.3 addresses the challenges of deploying and managing Kubernetes at scale. Now with full support for Windows containers, Istio service mesh and enhanced security for cloud-native workloads, Rancher 2.3 helps enterprises build and ship applications faster and with greater confidence.

Join us as we discuss and demo three of the most powerful new features in this release:

  • Windows Container Support
  • Istio Service Mesh
  • Enterprise Security at Scale with Cluster Templates

As usual, bring any and all technical questions and we will do our best to answer. Book your spot now.



Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Time: 1:00 PM US Eastern Time