Implementing Infrastructure-as-Code

September 25, 2019 -- Community Online Meetup


Bill Maxwell
Technical Product Manager
Taylor Price
Senior DevOps Engineer





Infrastructure-as-Code, a DevOps best practice, is a workflow that involves managing and configuring your environments through source control. This allows teams to move faster and with fewer errors when making changes to production environments. If a mistake does occur, your environment and apps can quickly be reverted back to a previous state. Save time, increase productivity, and reduce the cost of inevitable human error.

In this edition of Rancher's popular community online meetup, we will show you how to set up Rancher for end users from beginning to end, and how to manage clusters, projects and apps all from versioned controlled source. Finally, we'll show off Rio's new GitHub integration for deployments and pull requests.

Join us as Rancher Head of Product Management Bill Maxwell and Software Engineer Taylor Price discuss and demo:

  • The benefits and design of an Infrastructure-as-Code workflow
  • Start-to-finish, production-grade setup of an Infrastructure-as-code workflow using Rancher, Terraform, and Rio. We'll show you how to setup a Git-based deployment of the Rancher Management Server cluster and the Kubernetes cluster it runs on using Terraform, plus:
  •  How to upgrade your setup, deploying and upgrading child Kubernetes clusters using Git-based config with Terraform
  • How to deploy and upgrade workloads on your clusters using Rio