Introducing Windows Server Container Support in Rancher 2.3 Preview

Online Meetup - Wednesday May 29, 2019


Jason Van Brackel
Director of Community at Rancher
Slack: @jvb



Ankur Agarwal

Director of Product Management at Rancher



Rancher Labs is excited to announce the preview of Rancher 2.3.0 with support for Windows containers for Windows Server 2019 and Kubernetes 1.14.

With countless workloads running on its many versions, Windows remains one of the most popular operating systems in datacenters. With the rise of containers, DevOps teams have been able to simplify and speed up the delivery of their Linux applications. Windows based applications still had to be treated differently.

With this preview, IT Operators can create new clusters with Windows 2019 and/or Linux worker nodes while developers and DevOps teams can containerize and schedule Windows workloads on Windows nodes easily.

In this meetup, Rancher’s Director of Community and Director of Product Management will be on hand to demonstrate the preview features and answer any questions. Watch our on demand recording  for a discussion and demo around:

  • Installing and running Kubernetes 1.14 cluster
  • Adding Windows worker nodes to the cluster
  • Scheduling and deploying Windows containers on Windows nodes

Date Recorded: Wednesday May 29, 2019