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IPC Transforms Finance through Micro-Services and Containers using Rancher

IPC, one of the best known names in the UK finance industry, providing banks, hedge funds and trading floors all over the world with high-performance network services, turned to containerization and micro-services to replace their aging legacy infrastructure, hasten innovation, and meet compliance standards. Rancher was chosen as the agile, secure, and scalable platform that could manage and update their flagship Mobile Voice Recording System (MVRs). 

Rancher is the world's most popular Kubernetes platform and used by DevOps teams in the finance industry to: 

  • Deliver Kubernetes-as-a-service based on Rancher that utilizes both on-premise and public clouds;
  • Save money and minimize risk across the organization's on-premise and cloud infrastructure; 
  • Easily manage user authentication, monitoring, alerts, and many other integrated management tools.
  • Meet stringent security and compliance regulations 

Learn how IPC developers were able to accelerate testing from days to minutes since adopting Rancher.

Rancher is proud to work with many other banking, insurance and finance companies, including:

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