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Netherlands' Leading Telecommunications and IT Provider, KPN, Achieves 80% Reduction in Management Time by Automating with Rancher

 KPN, the leading telecommunications and IT provider in the Netherlands, turned to containerization to increase the scale and velocity of development, including critical new services. Rancher was chosen to get the most out of the container orchestration layer, Kubernetes -- providing an agile, secure, and scalable platform that could manage their entire enterprise-class IT support services and internal development environments. 

Rancher is the world's most popular Kubernetes platform and used by DevOps teams in the finance industry to: 

  • Deliver Kubernetes-as-a-service based on Rancher that utilizes both on-premise and public clouds;
  • Save money and minimize risk across the organization's on-premise and cloud infrastructure; 
  • Easily manage user authentication, monitoring, alerts, and many other integrated management tools.
  • Meet stringent security and compliance regulations 

Rancher is proud to work with many other telecommunications and finance companies, including:

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