Kubernetes Master Class:

Deploying your Applications in a Repeatable Way on Kubernetes

with Rancher Field Engineer Chris Kim and Rancher Head of Product Management Ankur Agarwal

Online Training: April 2, 2019



Chris Kim

Rancher Engineer 







ankur-headshotAnkur Agarwal

Rancher Head of Product Management




Helm Charts have proven to be very useful for developers looking to create repeatable deployments of their applications. Rancher, with its built in Helm interface, allows developers to deploy their applications using Helm charts. This training will go over using Rancher’s pre-provisioned catalog apps, as well as demonstrate the creation of metadata for custom catalog apps to provide the Rancher questions interface to users who wish to deploy their own Helm Charts.

Join Rancher Engineer Chris Kim as he discusses and demos: 

  • Using the built-in Rancher Catalog Apps
  • Creating your own Helm Chart repository
  • Creating a `questions.yml` for custom catalog apps
  • Managing the lifecycle of your applications


  • Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2019
  • Time: 1:00pm (US Eastern Time)