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Has the Service Mesh overtaken the API Gateway?


Kubernetes Master Class
Tuesday, September 22, 2020  |  2pm US ET


Jason Skrzypek

Jason Skrzypek
Field Engineer

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About the Event

API Gateways and Service Meshes have always had a contentious relationship. The vernacular around either is muddled and imprecise. While it may not be immediately apparent as feature sets ebb and flow, there are many configurations where having both is beneficial and proper.

In this masterclass that relationship will be defined in relation to a standard service mesh (istio) and three separate open source gateways (Ambassador, Gloo, Kong). Having an understanding of the major solutions in this space and how they've been evolving will help produce a micro service architecture that follows the market and avoids adding technical debt.


What We'll Cover:

  • Features that come standard with API Gateways  and Service Meshes in 2020
  • Setting up Gloo with Istio and Rancher
  • Setting up Ambassador with Istio and Rancher
  • Setting up Kong with Istio and Rancher

Event Details: 

  • Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2020
  • Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm US Eastern Time