Understanding and Implementing Service Mesh

Kubernetes Master Class | April 6, 2020



Eamon Bauman

Field Engineer






Service mesh has developed a huge amount of excitement in the Kubernetes ecosystem. Istio is a service mesh tool built right into Rancher. Service mesh promises to add fault tolerance, canary rollouts, A/B testing, monitoring and metrics, tracing and observability, and authentication and authorization, eliminating the need for developers to instrument or write specific code to enable these capabilities. The goal is to let developers focus on their business logic and leave the rest to Kubernetes and Istio. But many users find it challenging to install, configure, monitor and manage their service mesh solution.

In this Kubernetes Master class, we'll discuss and demo:

  • What service mesh is and why Istio is a good option
  • Explain how Istio works
  • How to enable Istio in Rancher
  • Use cases and recommendations for how to use Istio with Rancher in your deployments



Date: Monday, April 6, 2020

Time: 11 AM US Eastern Time