Kubernetes the Fun Way: 

Bootstrap a full-featured portable K3s cluster

Online Training: November 5, 2019


danDan Acristinii

DevOps Engineer







Dan is passionate regarding two things: cloud and Arm64. He used to work as a one-person Ops team focused on setting up and maintaining Kubernetes clusters on most of the major cloud providers. Now he works at Swisscom as a Kubernetes engineer. In his free time, he bootstrapped the Kubernetes the Fun Way cluster and is trying to make it as production-ready as possible.


K3s runs on many devices - what happens if you have the perfect hardware to run it on?

See how easy it is to build a portable Kubernetes cluster with a Clusterboard.

We will walk you through the requirements of setting up such a cluster and explain the advantages and disadvantages of running production workloads on Arm devices. (including running ceph on USB flash drives).

Join us as we discuss and demo:

  • Arm64 vs amd64
  • Argo tunnels
  • Ceph

During the session, participants will get access to an interactive environment where Dan will try to debug and fix the crashes of the live application.


  • Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • Time: 1:00 pm (US Eastern Time)