Kubernetes Master Class:

Managing SQL Servers with Kubernetes

Online Training -- October 1, 2019



Paul Stanton

VP Products and Co-founder






Paul is a published author, speaker, and experienced engineering leader focused on modernizing SQL Server with containers, Kubernetes, database cloning, and caching.  A former Director at Microsoft, Paul was involved in container based solutions prior to the launch of Docker’s open source project, and co-founded Windocks in 2014. 



Robert Amenn







Robert is an experienced software designer and developer, with expertise in distributed systems, and micro services.   Robert has been a key contributor to much of Windocks design, including SQL Server services, database cloning, and more recently in Redis caching.


Enterprises interested in modernizing SQL Server with Kubernetes are often challenged by dependencies on Active Directory and Windows Auth, storage networks, and other SQL Server infrastructure and security policies. The introduction of Windows Server for Kubernetes offers little to address these needs.

In this master class, you'll learn how to bring existing SQL Server databases into a Kubernetes managed workflow, with support for existing security systems, policies, and database storage. You’ll learn how database clones provide lightweight read/write environments, and support higher quality software releases.

For this class, we will discuss and demo:

  • How to implement SQL Server containers with existing database storage, AD and Windows Auth, and security policies.
  • How to implement SQL Server containers with secure production database clones, using existing SQL Server backups, or enterprise storage systems.
  • How to implement SQL Server support with Rancher Labs
  • We will also discuss popular use-cases for SQL Server with Kubernetes.



Recorded Date: Tuesday October 1, 2019