Simplifying Your Cloud-Native Development Workflow
with K3s, K3c and K3d

Monthly Online Meetup
Wednesday May 13, 2020  |  11am ET


Darren Shepherd
Co-Founder and
Chief Technology Officer
Jacob Blain Christen
Principal Software Engineer
Thorsten Klein
Thorsten Klein
DevOps Engineer



About the Meetup

Join us to check out how Rancher Labs K3s and k3c projects come together to provide an end to end developer tool chain for building and running containers locally, as well using K3d to quickly spin up multi-node clusters for development.

At Rancher we have observed that as Kubernetes has taken over the container orchestration space, the tooling to build and develop containers has become disconnected. The developer workflow to build, develop and run containers requires multiple tools that introduce unnecessary mental overhead from context switching. Additionally, innovations in the container runtime space enabled by Kubernetes abstractions increase the number of tools and variations in the stack. Rancher Labs is looking at solving this problem by providing a complete end to end experience that handles building and running containers locally using native Kubernetes constructs all the way through production run times.


In this meetup we will cover:

  • How to use k3d for local Kubernetes development
  • See how k3c can add Docker build and run workflows to Kubernetes clusters
  • Learn about Ranchers vision for developer workflows in the cloud native landscape
  • See how to use K3s in CI pipelines to run/validate Kubernetes workloads


Meetup Details:

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM US Eastern Time