January Online Meetup:

Securing Your Production-Grade Kubernetes Clusters Using Rancher

Wednesday January 22, 2020


Adrian Goins
Director of Community
Bill Maxwell
Senior Product Manager
Murali Paluru
Principal Software Engineer




As DevOps teams deploy Kubernetes in production using Rancher, enterprises must focus on the runtime security and compliance requirements of their cloud-native platforms.

Starting with Rancher 2.2, we published self-assessment and hardening guides to outline provisioning a cluster to comply with the CIS Kubernetes benchmark. Identifying gaps and pain points in the process, Rancher engineering added additional features to both Rancher and RKE to simplify the process.

Since the release of Rancher 2.3, administrators have been able to create Cluster Templates that ensure a cluster is configured to a standardized organizational specification. With this feature, administrators can allow their users to easily provision encryption, audit logging and rate-limiting as part of the cluster provisioning process.

During this online meetup Bill Maxwell (Sr. Product Manager) and Murali Paluru (Principal Software Engineer) will give an overview of the current state of security-related features in Rancher, and demonstrate the integration of our new CIS benchmark scanning tool in Rancher 2.4 alpha1.



Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Time: 1:00 PM US Eastern Time