Persistent Storage for stateful applications on Kubernetes

made easy with OpenEBS and Rancher

On-demand Recording


Jason Van Brackel
Director of Community at Rancher
Slack: @jvb


In this webinar, Director of Community of Rancher Labs Jason van Brackel joins forces with Sr. Developer Advocate Patrick Hoolboom from MayaData to talk about benefits of OpenEBS and Rancher as a combined solution.

Rancher's multi-cluster Kubernetes management solution allows development teams to iterate fast, deploy efficiently and operate at scale. Kubernetes allows you to orchestrate containers that are highly available. However, in the case of container reschedule, Kubernetes does not provide a great set of primitives to manage your persistent data along with your application containers.

We will present some of the challenges associated with managing persistent data in Kubernetes and how we can make day 2 operations easier to manage. We will briefly introduce the combined offering and talk about a couple of approaches to solving data persistence problems in multi-cloud environments with Rancher and OpenEBS. During the demos, we will showcase how we address data availability with OpenEBS.

We'll also touch on project updates in the latest releases and preview of upcoming KubeCon announcements.