Schedule a hands-on demo of Rancher at 
Atlassian Summit 2019!

While you're attending Atlassian Summit 2019, why not schedule some time with Rancher Technical Engineer to walk through a live demo!

Rancher is an enterprise Kubernetes platform that combines everything you need to easily deploy and run Docker containers in production, on any infrastructure. One of the best ways to learn about Rancher is to have one of our team members walk you through it. 

You'll see how Rancher  can help you:

  • Quickly deploy Kubernetes clusters and reduce the operational resource costs
  • Managing any existing clusters from any distro, on any cloud
  • Centrally authorize and authenticate IT visibility and control with RBAC, health checks, monitoring, and other features. 
  • Easily deploy and manage containerized applications with Rancher Catalog

Rancher is 100% open-source. Fill out the form to arrange a live demo during the seminar.

Yes, I want a Demo of Rancher!