Kubernetes Master Class:

RKE Under the Hood

with Rancher Engineers Hussein Galal and Sebaastian van Steenis

Online Training: Tuesday December 10, 2019



Hussein Galal

Rancher Software Engineer



Sebastiaan van Steenis

Rancher Support Engineer


In this Kubernetes Master Class, Rancher Engineers Hussein Galal and Sebastiaan van Steenis will explore how RKE was designed, the internals of how RKE works, and how Rancher and RKE work together. This session is suited for anyone who wants to learn more about what happens under the hood when you either use Rancher or RKE to provision and maintain clusters.

  • Learn how Rancher works in regards to custom cluster provisioning and management
  • Learn how RKE was designed and built to provision and manage clusters
  • Get a better understanding of where to start looking when things work unexpectedly or break


  • Date: Tuesday December 10, 2019
  • Time: 1:00 PM US Eastern Time