Kubernetes Master Class:

How to Secure Production Kubernetes and Service Mesh Workloads on Rancher

with NeuVector Senior Solutions Architect Chip Hwang and Rancher Head of Product Management Ankur Agarwal

Online Training: June 11, 2019


Henrik Rosendahl 

Henrik Rosendahl

Head of Business Development





Chip Hwang

Senior Solutions Architect





Ankur Agarwal

Head of Product Management




 As more container deployments move into production there will be an increasing level of attacks on application containers and the orchestration tools to manage them. The success of Kubernetes has been a major enabler for the “service mesh” concept to become a reality, as a “sidecar” container is the ideal form-factor for service mesh functions to be placed together with the service itself. The important thing to remember is that, although a service mesh has security features, it is NOT a security solution. It is not designed to provide the type of network, endpoint and host security required for defense in depth.

Join us in this Kubernetes Master Class to learn how to secure both the application workloads as well as the system infrastructure in a service mesh deployment. The NeuVector team will demo and discuss:

  • Threat vectors and the attack surface for application containers and the infrastructure such as Kubernetes and Istio
  • How to build security into the pipeline from build to ship to run
  • How to visualize network connections and detect potential attacks on container networks


  • Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2019
  • Time: 1:00 pm EST