Kubernetes Master Class: 

Single-Node, Standalone Servers, and Scalable, Secure Storage

with Rancher Director of Community and Evangelism, Adrian Goins

Online Training: April 23, 2019


adrian-headshot-squareAdrian Goins

Rancher Director of Community and Evangelism







matthew-scheer-square-1Matthew Scheer

Rancher Digital Marketing Manager




Not all of us have unlimited budgets for infinite nodes, and even if you do, it's important to spend wisely. If you're running Rancher in a non-production environment and want to start with a single node now and upgrade to an HA configuration later, you can do this with RKE. Once a cluster is up and running, make the best use of your available storage by deploying block-level replication with OpenEBS within your Kubernetes clusters.

In this session, Rancher Senior Solutions Architect Adrian Goins joins forces with OpenEBS to:

• Explore why people overengineer solutions and how to avoid it
• Explain how cloud providers encourage complexity
• Present solutions for managing risk and controlling cost
• Demonstrate the benefits of container-attached storage


  • Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019
  • Time: 1:00pm (US Eastern Time)