Kubernetes Master Class:

Speed Up Your Cloud Native Applications Deployment Using K3s and Traefik



Manuel Zapf

Solution Architect at Containous

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Manuel is a Traefik Maintainer & Solution Architect working with Containous. His special interest is in deploying applications scalable by using cloud and container technologies. Gopher lover.


As the Kubernetes ecosystem changes at a fast pace, delivering an application in this context is challenging. How do you ensure that your applications run fast and are resilient with all the Kubernetes updates and new features?

With K3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution by Rancher, you can start a Kubernetes cluster in the blink of an eye. Sharing the same opinion of simplicity and being lightweight, Traefik is a dynamic edge router which acts as an Ingress Controller in Kubernetes. It is installed out-of-the box in any K3s installation, allowing applications to be deployed without any network nightmares.

You can benefit from using K3s and Traefik together as it speeds up validation of your cloud native applications in Kubernetes by allowing production-grade setups at a glance.

In this session, we'll discuss and demo:

1) How K3s is fast and easy to use

2) Native Integration of Traefik in K3s as an Ingress Controller

3) K3s in Docker considerations and setup

4) Live demo of an end to end Kubernetes test of a cloud native application using k3s


Recorded on: Tuesday September 24, 2019